Guests and Away

Here’s our living room / kitchen temperature graph for the past week (eight days, actually).  The average was 52.8ºF (12ºC). As I mentioned, J. had guests at the end of this period, which explains the spike in temps.  She said one friend came bundled up in long underwear, multiple layers, etc. (they’d all been warned), but was then too hot by the end of the evening.

Meanwhile I was visiting friends in Vermont, where it was also quite on the warm side indoors.  Some friends visiting from NYC expressed general disbelief and bafflement at our behavior, thinking it is not at all normal.  I had similar thoughts as they described their ritual of sitting in their car for two hours, two mornings a week, while parked in front of their apartment– so they don’t lose their parking space on street-cleaning day.  They explained that it’s really perfectly normal, everyone does it, you use the time to make business calls on your cell, etc.  Normal is all very relative.

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