Weekly Graph– De-luxe!

Here’s the graph for the week ending last night, in a new! exciting! format!  Now, with added line (red) representing daily average outdoor temp! (I tried plotting daily highs and lows, but that just made a mess that didn’t shed much light on anything.)  The green dashed line is last week’s average indoor (downstairs) temp:  52.4º (0.2º warmer than the week before.)  We had friends S. & J. over for dinner last night, so there was a bit more fire than there otherwise might’ve been… plus the stove going for several hours to produce an Indian food feast…

2 Responses to “Weekly Graph– De-luxe!”

  1. Johanna Says:

    Wow. Last night? For the first time since it got cold, your ambient was > than my ambient.

  2. Rising Tide Says:


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