Weekly Temperatures – Colder Still!

Here is the living-area temperature graph for the week ending tonight.  Again, I’ve included daily average outdoor temps (red) and a green line showing our average indoors for the week (48.7ºF).  As I mentioned, we were away from home for four days for Christmas– so that contributed to the coldest-yet indoor average.I had taken a few precautions against pipes freezing while we were away, such set our one electric radiator on a portable thermostat fixed at 47º, leaving a couple key faucets gradually dripping, leaving a 60W light on in the upstairs bathroom, and not shutting the hot water heat off altogether (so the cellar would get at least a smidge of heat).  Oh, and locking all the warm cats in the house.  This was all quite successful, as nothing came close to freezing (as monitored by various thermometers scattered around) in spite of overnight lows in the mid-teens.

Considering that the heater, thermostat, and datalogger are in close proximity, I was expecting to see a more linear graph for our time away.  Perhaps there is a sensitivity setting on the thermostat that I haven’t found.

Coming soon: the one-year anniversary of the wood stove!

2 Responses to “Weekly Temperatures – Colder Still!”

  1. girltuesday Says:

    after viewing J’s comment on FB tonight, i think y’all need a have a datalogger in the upstairs bathroom.

  2. Val Says:

    Happy New Year! Hummmm, cat heat….. I hadn’t thought of that. Are you planning a graph on how much heat the cats throw off vs how much they cost in cat food…..

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