Cold Blogging

The “warm” news is that it’s 34º warmer inside than outside this morning.  The “cold” news is that it’s only 11º outside… so that makes it 45º in.  Which, actually, isn’t all that bad for a while.  But truthfully my fingers are getting a little tingly here on the heat-sucking aluminum surface of the Macbook.  That reminds me that I’ve completely forgotten the sound of my laptop fan– haven’t heard it in months.

Thinking how delightful it would be just to have a warm keyboard, I did a search for “laptop computer heater” and found this must-have product.  I’d almost consider it, if the cost wasn’t roughly half a year of heat.  That seems a little silly.  Or maybe what I really need are these.  Too bad I didn’t find these things before Christmas.

3 Responses to “Cold Blogging”

  1. E. Jean Carroll Says:

    A brilliant, brilliant blog! I am eating it up! And following in your steps.
    Burning wood in the day and sleeping snug as a bug at night (bedroom usually 38-40 degrees).


  2. E. Jean Carroll Says:

    Forgot to ask. Have you seen any studies about the HEALTH of people who live in 52-68 degree temperatures? I know I burn more calories. Am I going to live longer?

    • Cold House Journal Says:

      Hard to find much clear data about health. I’m quite convinced it reduces risk of colds/flu/etc, though most people think the opposite. I do think we burn more calories, just keeping warm… though I also worry that I might develop an “adaptive fat layer”, which is not the goal…

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