Polar Bear Run

An essential and exciting part of the first big snowstorm was the annual “two laps around the house in a swimsuit” event.  Not everyone participates in this event, but I did.  After that I did a quick roll in the snow, followed by a hot shower.  Mmm!

P.S.  Sharp eyes will notice a propane tank, and will wonder what that’s for.  It’s attached to a heater in the cellar.  Foolishly, when we moved in in 2009, I had the tank filled (at great cost).  We’ve run the heater a total of 15 minutes, and that only to get it warm enough down cellar to wax skis.  Anyone want to buy 100 gallons of LPG at a good price?

3 Responses to “Polar Bear Run”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Are you serious about that? My MIL just had a generator installed in Limington and has two 100 gal tanks that are only partially filled.

  2. Icerabbit Says:

    Happy New Year chj 🙂
    Two laps around the house, aye 😉
    I’m up for that. Still debating about rolling in the snow though.

  3. acrisis Says:

    Aren’t you supposed to preheat in the sauna first? That’s Finnish wisdom… but then again they top the list and exceed us in coffee consumption, suicide, and heart disease.

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