Yeah. Brrr.

Just rolling out of bed here to find an outdoor temperature of -11ºF.  A slight breeze brings the windchill to -26º.

I confess to putting a couple extra small logs on the fire before retiring last night, something we generally never do.  Probably wasn’t necessary, but it did leave the kitchen at a relatively-livable 46º this morning.   I also let a few taps drip while sleeping, just to be safe.  Looking forward to sunrise.

2 Responses to “Yeah. Brrr.”

  1. icerabbit Says:

    According to the NWS it is currently -11F for our area.
    -8F on our outdoor thermometer.

    I was surprised by the very rapid temperature drop, though we haven’t used outdoor thermometers before, so it could be quite common. At 4pm it was about 15F; 8pm 8F or so. My eyes were glued to the remote temperature displays, … “how low will it go?” By midnight -2F.

    Hopefully that will be the coldest night for the season.

    We keep the wood fire going as much as possible, under these circumstances, to minimize oil use.

  2. Scheherazade Says:

    Woke to a frozen pipe at HQ this morning. Hopefully no burstage.

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