Does This Happen In Your Kitchen?

I came home last night and set about making some pasta sauce for dinner… only to be stalled at the first step, when I couldn’t pour olive oil into the frying pan.  Yeah, it was about 37º in the kitchen.  Guess that’s too cold.

5 Responses to “Does This Happen In Your Kitchen?”

  1. John Says:

    Mine definitely clouds up and becomes syrupy.

    However, see this article on how you’re wasting your yummy EVO on frying:

  2. Cold House Journal Says:

    “wasting your yummy EVO on frying”
    Interesting, thanks. In general I use canola for most frying, except “Italian” dishes which for some reason I tend to do with olive. Also, we seem to have acquired about 7 bottles of olive oil, so I’m trying to use it up. But maybe I’ll change my habits.

  3. Patrick Says:

    My olive oil, honey, and Dawn dish detergent are all essentially solid at the moment.

  4. Ryan Says:

    I keep mine next to the stove to preheat while I’m cooking, and i have to warm up my dish soap as well. Both of them started doing that in late December. i flowed your example of not heating my home much this year i was amazed my home mostly sits at basement temp. at 40 – 42 for the most part.


  5. brian Says:

    We did switch dish detergent brands back in December because the whole foods “365” brand became solid around 50 degrees. 7th Generation seems to be fine at similar temps.

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