January Graphs & Data

I’ve been tardy in putting together the indoor temperature data lately.  For one thing, I’ve been a little busy.  For another, no one seems to care much.  But the data logger was ticking away all last month, measuring the kitchen/living room temperature every five minutes… so here it is, all of January on one gorgeous graph:

The red dashed line shows each week’s average temperature, which, in spite of all the daily ups and downs, has been surprisingly consistent (53.8, 53.8, 53.4, 50.7) while still gradually declining.  Also notable is that we hit 66ºF only once in the month (when we had a houseguest : ), and were over 64º only four brief times.  On the other end, we had 14 periods below 46º, and two below 40º.  And remember, the gizmo is measuring the warmest room in the house.  The bedrooms, bathrooms, office, etc. are, safe to say, colder on average.

For those interested in comparing the indoor and outdoor temps, I’ve made a separate graph.  The green line shows the daily 24-hour average temp outdoors (which I’ve plotted each day at 6pm, just for convenience.)

You can see we had quite a chilly period around Jan. 24th, when the daytime highs were in the single digits and the nights were -10 to -15º.  There is definitely some correlation between our indoor morning low-temps and the outdoor temp.  But how warm it gets inside depends much more on how much we’re home stoking a fire than on how cold it is outside.

6 Responses to “January Graphs & Data”

  1. Rising Tide Says:

    The drop off of your indoor temps during the cold snap is remarkably small.

  2. Cold House Journal Says:

    “The drop off of your indoor temps during the cold snap is remarkably small.”
    You know, I’ve heard that some people actually turn their indoor temps UP during cold snaps. “It’s so cold out, we need it warmer inside!”

  3. Icerabbit Says:

    When we only had oil heat and there was a big storm coming I would set the thermostat up a couple degrees in case we would lose power for the night … but not anywhere near 70 or 72 though … 😉

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