Hello, Southwest!

I noticed a significant uptick in hits to the website today, which is probably due to the record-setting low temperatures being experienced by folks in southern Arizona, New Mexico, and other spots in the southwest– combined, I read, with natural gas delivery snafus caused, ironically, by the cold.  As cold as 5 or 10ºF feels here in Maine, it must feel a hell of a lot colder when your house isn’t insulated, and you aren’t remotely used to it.  And, of course, the risk of plumbing burstage is a lot higher when freezing temps weren’t heavily considered when the houses were built.

Hang in there my southwestern friends (and family!)  I wish I could FedEx you all a nice care-package of seasoned red-oak firewood.  If you’ve just landed here from some Google search like “Why the #&*@# is it so cold in my house?”, I hope reading our past entries will give you a little amusement, and maybe support.  We’re going down to about 4ºF tonight– but we’ve had a long time prepare for it, and we’re not faced with having our fuel source cut off.  Stay warm.

2 Responses to “Hello, Southwest!”

  1. Rev. Cold Says:

    Woke up to -13 yesterday. Wife made me get her a programmable thermostat. She wants it warm (63) when she wakes up. Either that or run the heater at night. Of course as soon as she leaves I jack it down to 45.

  2. christine Brooks Says:

    Yeah, it’s been chillier than normal. I love it, myself…since I’m from a colder climate in Northern California. But is sooo dry. If you leave your car out, there is no frost, no moisture, nada. Your car is dry as a bone. I’m simmer water on the stove to raise the humidity in the house and slathering on dry skin cream. I love wearing my Uggs, turtlenecks, gloves and hats. Love it!

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