February Data

Here’s the living room / kitchen temperature graph for February.  The average for the month was 52.0ºF.  You may perceive that the indoor temps have, on average, been sneaking up a bit.  This is true.  It is due in part to the fact that the nights are less cold, so our morning indoor lows are a bit warmer.  Also due in part to the fact that J. has been on vacation the past week, and so has been around the house more during the days.

And here is the graph comparing the indoor temps with the daily outdoor average temps (not to be confused with outdoor high temps!)  As a new bonus feature, I’ve including linear trend lines for each plot… which shows that the outdoor temps have, of course, been slowly warming, and that the indoor temps have followed the same trend– though, in fact, the outdoors has been warming faster than the indoors (the outdoors warming at a rate of about 1º per week, while the indoor only about 0.5º per week).  This is good! 

In other news, it snowed again yesterday, and it’s snowing again this morning.  Unreal.

7 Responses to “February Data”

  1. Val Says:

    This weekend we stayed at the house in Maine. The temp inside was 30. when I looked and it was 10 outside Sunday morning. We got there late Saturday, shoveled our way in(that warmed us up). Using a air-mattress with a few comforters on top to stop heat loss from the floor (only a crawl space there) and then a electric mattress pad, then sheets, electric throw blanket and the blankets and feather puff we where warm in bed. I woke up since it was too hot and turned off the electric heated throw after a few hours. It was very comfortable in bed and I was wearing my hat. Once you got dressed (fast) and moved around it was bearable. Sitting at the kitchen table was rather cool and if we where spending a lot of time there the wood stove was in order.
    Thank you cold house. I never would of even attempted this before reading you experiences.

  2. Cold House Journal Says:

    “I never would of even attempted this before reading you experiences.” Glad to be of help! Uh, I mean, if you consider that helpful…

  3. Val Says:

    I LOVE my cold house in Maine!! Its too big to heat for the winter… big old 1821 farmhouse that has been winterized with the pipes drained. Its good to be able to stay there even if the neighbors are shocked that it was 30 in the house. Think off all I’m saving in fuel keeping it drained for the winter. If you have a open house I hope to make it this year.

  4. hilllady Says:

    Why is it unreal for it to snow in February?

  5. Val Says:

    We have so much snow that we don’t need curtains on the first floor. The snow piles from the roof go to the top of the window for all the kitchen and sun-room windows. Snow Curtains!!!! In MA we have even more snow. Usually it melts a bit before the next storm… not this year!!! The town had to remove snow banks since drivers couldn’t see pulling out of side streets. There was no place for children to walk to school other than in the street!

  6. Graphs « Cold House Journal Says:

    […] for the comparison to average daily outside temperatures, with two week trendlines.  As in the last graphs, you can see that it’s warming up both inside and outside… but again, it’s […]

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