Over 48 hours with no fire, and yet it’s 56º in the kitchen.  In fact today the house actually got warmer (5º) all by itself , which I think hasn’t happened since late October.  The snow is almost (not quite) gone, and the muck and grime begins.

I had this idea the other day about a sort of kotatsu that would be build around a big worm composter bin.  Not that we really produce enough veggie scraps to actually heat the house, no matter what way they are decomposed.

3 Responses to “Self-Warming”

  1. Rising Tide Says:

    If you had opened all the windows and doors, the house probably would have warmed by 20 degrees today… I even had the doors open at our not-so-cold house that was 60 degrees when I got home.

  2. Cold House Journal Says:

    Perhaps. I would also have come home to find all the cats missing, and possibly also the computer, stereo, lawnmower…

  3. Kathy McMahon Says:

    A problem of balancing priorities! Stuff or warmth! Soon to be a more common dilemma!

    Quick note: the blogroll link to Peak Oil Blues is out of date. Cyberaliens ate the old one so I had to move to
    .com became .org.

    Perhaps not worth fixing, but I figured I’d tell you anyway. The link does redirect…

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