Weekly Update

Here’s the close-up graph of the living room temps over the past two weeks (March 14-27):

And here is the same, along with daily outdoor average temps, and trend lines for each:

As you can see, we had a brief shot of spring-like temps here, followed by a cool-off (which included some more snow).  Overall, in fact, the temperature trend the past two weeks has been downwards– both indoors and out.  This (or something) has resulted in “fire season” continuing here, so far about three weeks longer than last year.  Not sure when it will come to an official end.

I’m not sure how long to keep logging the temperature.  I could stop when we stop using the wood stove, but that isn’t really the end of “heating season”– most people will be running their furnaces far into April, if not May, so we’ll still be well below “normal” temps in here.

One Response to “Weekly Update”

  1. Val Says:

    My husband turned the heat on yesterday evening here in MA. Now its not me turning up the thermostat. I stayed in Maine with no heat for 4 day with the inside house temp at 36. Yes, I did wimp out and go to a neighbors for a few hours when I couldn’t get the fire going for the 3rd time and my feet just wouldn’t warm up. A nice hot shower there did the trick as well a hot cup of tea! I find the electric blanket and mattress heating pad working very well at night but need to improve my fire skills.

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