Heating Season Over

Yes, I think it’s safe to say we’re done with heat.  We’ve had two fires in the past two weeks– the last one was on April 2nd (when there were guests here).  None since.  Not that it’s been super-warm in here– the past week we averaged under 52º.  But with outside temps finally starting to approximate seasonal norms, things have been better, and I think the mercury is all upwards from here.  The graph for the past two weeks, including the average daily outdoors temp:

I went out and inspected the pile of wood from the tree we felled this time last year.  It looks lovely– nice silvery patina, light in the hand, full of cracks and check marks.  It’ll be ready for next winter.

Stay tuned for a season wrap-up.

4 Responses to “Heating Season Over”

  1. Rising Tide Says:

    So how much wood did you end up using this year?

  2. Cold House Journal Says:

    Slightly more than a cord. We used just shy of one cord for the one-year period of 12/27/09 – 12/27/10. A little harder to estimate how much we used for ’10/’11 heating season per se. No more than 1.25 cords, though. Maybe less.

  3. J. Says:

    How did you calculate more than 1 cord?

    • Cold House Journal Says:

      Well… at the start of the winter, we had left a fraction of a cord from last year. We burned that, then we started in on the untouched cord in the garage. At the end of the winter, there was a fraction of a cord left again– but a smaller fraction than the previous fraction. So, I conclude we burned a cord plus a fraction of a fraction. Plus a few random pieces that we inherited from friends who moved to California…

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