Not Warm Yet

Just sticking my head back in here to report that, while we did stop firing the wood stove way back on April 11 (seems like an eternity ago), it still has not exactly gotten warm in here.  Seems like it’s been a rather chilly and dank spring.  As you can see, our indoor temp has averaged a mere 57.8F since then.  We’ve broken through 66 twice, but have yet to reach 68 in the kitchen.  Even baking brownies and stuff.  So that give you some idea.

And yet, they say summer is coming.  They say.

3 Responses to “Not Warm Yet”

  1. Linda Naslund Says:

    I’ve heard that here, too, on the other side of the country…northern Oregon. However, it’s still cold, raining every day, snow in the mountains, we had to get more juniper…I think there have been 2-3 days over 70 (barely). Come ON,summer!

  2. karen decesare Says:

    I came across your blog by accident. I was curious as to whether you have problems with mold. I live in North Carolina, and if I let the temperature in my home go below 62 or so, the humidity level rises to unhealthy levels.

  3. Rising Tide Says:

    I’d be happy with just seeing a little sun. It can stay cold if it wants, but 3 weeks of clouds, fog, and rain with only 1 sunny day and 1 day with about 2 hours of sun? Really?

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