Olde-Time Wisdom

“Colds are not as a rule due to drafts, but to the fear of drafts. It certainly is a fact that persons who are always afraid of colds, and see that every crevice that may admit a little fresh air is kept closed, are the ones who constantly complain of colds, while those who have no such fears are seldom affected by them.”

From “Imaginary Diseases and How Cured”, in Life and Health: The National Health Magazine, April, 1907.

2 Responses to “Olde-Time Wisdom”

  1. Leif Says:

    Not germain to heating, but I think the same sentiment may apply to many modern afflictions like germs/cleanliness and free-ranging kids/paranoid parents.

  2. Acrisis Says:

    Viruses thrive at 37degrees. That is why we get sick in the winter and share it with our contacts. Most people in the northeast are vitamin D deficient. Get tested. Take Vitamin D and don’t worry about the thermostat. Ours is set at 55. We are happy and healthy. Get fleece clothing. It will change your life and fleece sheets are better than a heated mattress pad or electric blanket.

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