Project Norway Maple Eradication (aka Treemagedon) has begun!  My “back 40” (or more accurately, back 0.2) is chock full of Norways, and they are doing their best to take over the front 40, too.  And the neighbors yards, and the garden, and the rest of the world.  Ever since I bought the house, I’ve been scheming their demise– yesterday, the work began.

Arborist/philosopher/artist Kelly Palomera (website awesomeness) came with ropes and spikes and stuff, and friend Frank (aka icerabbit) very generously spent the whole day here working too (with his own chainsaw!)  The destruction proceeded at a pretty good clip, and we got about half of the trees down, limbed, and logged by sunset.  More work next weekend.

Next year’s firewood piling up!  I plan to replant the area with native hardwoods– sugar maple, red maple, or both.

4 Responses to “Treemagedon”

  1. icerabbit Says:

    Happy I could lend a hand and contribute to CHJ’s future heating.

    It was a little crisp in the morning and a bit damp & slippery under foot in the gully; but we had a little system and made pretty good progress, I think 🙂

    I had a great workout and it was nice to see a pro like Kelly at work.

    It will look a little bare for a while, with all those small to medium size trees removed; but you will have solar gain the coming winter(s) and once you re-design that part of the garden it can only get better.

    On the way home I was wondering if there maybe was an option to redo the sloping area. I’ve recycled some of our trees to make planted terraces in the hill side.

    Too bad I can’t partake in treemaged(d)on part II. I like this kind of productive outdoor workout.

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