In the oft-quoted words of Frost, “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall, that wants it down.”In this case, I have a strong suspicion that the “something” has four paws, whiskers, and a fluffy tail. I have no hard evidence, but from the way it toppled, it looks like the something was swaying or pulling it over from the top.  (“I could say ‘elves’,” said Frost, “but it’s not elves exactly.”  Exactly, Max?)

Or of course it could just be that, as I said, the pile was subpar, and not up to Virgo standards.

Thoreau quoted his plow-driver as saying that wood is a fuel that warms you twice.  This does not take into account the possibility of having to re-build your wood pile… thrice may suffice.

13 Responses to “Arrgh!”

  1. hilllady Says:

    Next time take the wood from the top of the pile, instead of pulling pieces out from the bottom!

  2. Jane Says:

    Welcome to the club! At least yours is backed up against a wall, so you only lost the top couple rows and not the whole thing. I am all too used to the distinctive “whuuump” sound of a stack falling over. Sometimes they seem to do that for no good reason this careful Virgo can figure out. But most of the time, like you, I suspect the whiskered ones.

    High perches are irresistible to cats. I cringe every time I see one of mine happily surveying the territory from on top of one of my stacks and can only hope they continue to be able to leap clear when the wood starts to teeter underneath them.

    You could try to build a simple open cage for it with scrap lumber, but as I learned to my dismay, unless you anchor it to the house, it just means it will all tip over and fall when the stuff at the top becomes unstable.

  3. Beth Mc Says:

    Ah, I guess kitty isn’t a Libra?!

    Btw, it’s been unseasonably warm in the Philly region, too: #5 warmest Nov on record. Winter (or at least more seasonable temps) arrived this week though. I love a good adventure — and living a “Cold House-like” existence (as I tried a bit last winter) was one. My creative juices seemed to kick in — but only if I wasn’t “too” cold. That said, I am happy to have a furnace!

  4. Beth Mc Says:

    oops…meant Virgo.

  5. Jane Says:

    By the way, if you’re not familiar with it, i think you’d find this organization, Green Heat Alliance, of considerable interest. They send out a very interesting email newsletter every few weeks with all kinds of information about local, state and national initiatives, as well as various bits of biomass industry news.

    The URL below will get you to the page for their most recent newsletter. From there, you can get to their home page, which is just loaded with info and links. (The organization of the site makes it impossible to get to the latest newsletter edition from the home page, for some crazy reason, at least as far as I can tell.)

  6. Pop Says:

    Gosh, what a shame. Such a nice pile you made! Maybe Max wanted to play Pick Up Sticks.

  7. Rising Tide Says:

    Max told me it was blocking his view out the window.

  8. sara Says:

    Less than Nems’s latest damage.

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