Chilly, Finally

I’ve been kind of hiding from everyone here, because until the past couple days it’s been embarrassingly warm, inside and out.  I’m not quite sure the “cold house” moniker is really even going to be deserved this winter:  so far since the first fire (which was October 26) we’ve averaged 59.2° in the kitchen area.  It’s early yet, of course, but still that’s about 7° warmer than the overall average for last winter.  Partly, this has been due to a record-warm November, and a not-especially-cold early December.  Also it’s been very sunny, mostly, and Treemagedon has resulted in more sunshine hitting the house.  But in addition to all this I think there has also been a little more wood burned than would have been the case under similar circumstances in the past.

But, at last, some wintry weather has arrived.  The past couple nights it’s dropped down to about 10°F outside, and 46° in the kitchen in the morning.  The bedroom, right now at dinnertime, is 50°, so it should be in the 40’s by bedtime (good sleeping!)  It feels like we might be able to hold on to our claim of being slightly unusual for another winter.  And of course, there’s only so much wood in the shed (about 1.2 cords dry, I’m guesstimating) so there’s only so much heating that can be done.

By the way, Treemagedon is complete.  Much more work than I’d anticipated, but all the Norway maples have been eradicated from my property, along with two dead cherries.  Split by hand (yeah!) this produced about 2 cords… stacked and waiting for 2012/13… and maybe 2013/14…  Meanwhile, my backyard looks sort of like the scene in the Lorax after all the Truffula trees are cut down and the Thneed factories close up.  But not to fear– replanting will commence in the spring!

2 Responses to “Chilly, Finally”

  1. Todd Says:

    you’re sleeping in 40 degrees. That’s cold bro. When I mentioned that I was sleeping in 40 degrees in an earlier comment, some were shocked. When its 40 degree temps or less, it’s only my face that gets cold. how about you? how do you keep for face warm when sleeping?

  2. Icerabbit Says:

    best wishes for the holiday season.

    It was 7F outside this morning, 51 in the bedroom. Affer brunch we made our inaugural visit to our sauna (built yesterday) with a magical gentle snow fall and 12 deer browsing part of our garden. Champagne completes the celebration 😉 Happy holidays to you and yours. And the fellow readers.

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