Proud to be in the 2%!

That is, the 2% of U.S. households that heat primarily with wood– according to this article in the news yesterday.

We kind of had a chuckle, though, reading about the featured Maine homeowner who cut his heat bill in half after he “turned to wood”– but still is spending $2,500 a winter on heat.  Egads!!  That’s almost 10 times what we now spend (even if you assumed we were paying for our firewood– which lately we haven’t, since it’s been scrounged.)   And down at the end of the article, another fellow quotes the consumption for his 1,400 sq ft house (same as ours) as 3-4 cords of wood (3 times what we burn) PLUS $600-700 of propane!  Wow. 

It has been relatively warm in our house this winter compared to the previous two– partly that’s because November was record-warm, and December almost so, and partly it’s because we have been a bit less hard-core.  But judging from this article, we’re still totally off the curve for how we deal with winter.  Lately it’s been in the mid-to-high-40’s each morning in the house, which I guess most people consider incompatible with survival.  I’ll throw up some charts and graphs soon.  Overall, though, our “warm zone” has averaged about 58F since late October, but that number is gradually dropping.  I don’t think we’ll hit last winter’s overall average of 52F, but might reach 55 or so.

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