Cold Folks in Maine

A poignant article in the New York Times yesterday about hard times for heating in Maine.  I don’t quite know where to start in commenting, so I won’t say much.  I feel bad for everyone in this story.  I wish Mr. Hartford had a wood stove.  You can see several years worth of heating fuel right on his property… in the shape of trees.  And of course a Lincoln Town Car isn’t the best choice of vehicle if one is trying to conserve petroleum.  And I wish Mr. Libby had a way to help that didn’t either run his business into the ground, or run Mr. Hartford deeper into debt.  Overall I think the reference to oil “addiction” is an apt one– though I’d expand it to “heat addiction” or even “energy addiction” in general.   The current situation is not good.

We’re on track to use about $400 worth of total heating energy this winter (if we had bought our wood commercially).

3 Responses to “Cold Folks in Maine”

  1. Sara Says:

    OMG I’ve missed you blogging about this for a while, too busy to catch up on blogs. But I’m in the COLDEST PLACE I’VE EVER LIVED and think of this blog often when messing with the heat. Fortunately, I have a whole wall of South and East facing windows, which is pretty standard here. They do seem to build for passive solar heating and if there’s sun, I can get the house to almost 70 just by opening the curtains. I guess that’s not so doable when you have cloudy weather there?

    So anyway, in Taos I came across the EARTHSHIPS! I think I need one of those! google them – you’ll be jealous!

  2. Rising Tide Says:

    The comments on the Times site are just sad. People are so blind to the real problems.

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