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End of Heat

March 18, 2012

Pretty sure we’re done with heat for the season.  We’ve only had two small fires in the past week, and the forecast for the next week has highs edging up towards 70°.  So, here are the wrap-up statistics for the winter, October 20 to March 17.  (Note: the temperatures are for the “warm part” of the house– kitchen & living room.  The upstairs / bedroom were colder…)

Wood burned:  +/- 1.25 cord.  Commercial value:  +/- $250.  Actual cost: $0, but substantial labor.

Overall average living area temperature:  56.55°

Highest/lowest instantaneous temps recorded:  69.3°/42.0°

Highest/lowest 24-hour average temps:  62.0°/45.0°

Hours spent above/below 62°:  562 / 2,875

And here is a chart showing how many hours of the whole winter were spent at each 1°F temperature increment:

Happy springtime!