Familial Trait

I thought you might enjoy these photos of my granddad with his wood pile, circa 1980, and me, with my wood pile, circa last weekend.  All the wood in both photos was split by hand, with a maul.  That’s how we do it.

3 Responses to “Familial Trait”

  1. srf1 Says:

    Hi Dan,

    Great pictures.

    You look quite content.

    Hope you receive at this address.



  2. anthony wong Says:

    hi, good to show the two pics side by side. nothing seem to have changed with the woodpile. i enjoy your winter posts about your indoor temperature , esp the graphs. tell me what does a maul look like, is it an axe by another name? also what is the indoor temperature now and in summer. do u record them and have u kept graphs of them? i was wondering how high it gets indoors in summer.

    • coldhousejournal Says:

      A maul isn’t quite the same as an axe. It has a wider, heavier (8 lb) head, and a straight handle. It’s for splitting logs into stove-size pieces of wood. I’d like to tell you how warm it got inside in the summer, but at the moment seem unable to find the cable for my datalogger. I doubt we got over 85, probably rarely over 80.

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