Treemagedon From Space

Longtime readers will recall last fall’s Treemagedon project, in which we set out to eradicate the invasive Norway maples on our property (14 in total) and, as a by product, provide a couple years worth of heat.  Well, the good people at Google have captured the results from space.  Yes, I know it looks like we set off a small nuclear warhead in the yard.  But it will get better.  Already bursting onto the newly-liberated scene is an understory of wild strawberries and some small native cherry trees.  We also planted some native redbud trees, ferns, and cattails down in the swampy part.  Meanwhile, I am putting the finishing touches on the drying and stacking of all the firewood produced.

2 Responses to “Treemagedon From Space”

  1. Val Says:

    Are those solar panels next door?

  2. coldhousejournal Says:

    Yes!! The neighbors heat with propane, but they have solar hot water! (Though I think what you are seeing is actually their garden beds– only a speck of their solar installation is visible in the photos, at the far right on their extended roofline.)

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