Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Cold House!

We’re just back from a few days playing touriste in Quebec City– a place that really knows how to enjoy winter.  No one up there was griping about the cold– they just put on bigger hats, string up more lights, put on a smile, and go out to ski, toboggan, drink…  It was also pleasant driving around in a place where snow tires are mandatory, and the proportion of SUVs on the road was dramatically  lower.  I think we got out of there just in time, though, as the forecast low for tomorrow night is -17F (-27F).  That’s cold even to me.

Back on the home front, our living area has averaged 52.8° F so far this winter.  As the graph clearly communicates, the temp in here is rarely steady, either from hour to hour, or day to day.  Hard to say how much wood we’ve gone through so far– maybe 1/5th to 1/4 cord.  We haven’t started on the actual split wood from Treemagedon yet, still just burning the cut-up branches and other little stuff.


6 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Val Says:

    Colder House!
    Happy New Year! I’ll be heading up to Maine on the 2nd. Last I stayed in the house the bedroom was 36 and it was in the 20’s outside. Thanks you your posts I was toasty with an electric blanket and electric mattress pad. I use them to warm up the bed and with lots of blankets/comforters I’m toasty warm. If I get cold during the night I flip one back on for a bit. Wearing a hat to bed always helps.
    When I go up in a few days the temp outside has dropped. A high of 18 and a low of -6 is forecaster. If its just too cold for me I’ll drive south or go to a friends or stay on the small love seat in the kitchen and start a fire in the wood stove. If it wasn’t for you I’d never have the nerve to do this. The water in the house is drained so that’s not a issue and I’m looking at this as a challenge. Indoors camping!

  2. val Says:

    I’ve been to Quebec and can totally agree that it is a great place to visit, particularly in the winter! Wonderful people and a fun city to explore! Here in Maine it is only slightly warmer, and we are certainly hard at work to keep warm. Glad you had a great trip!

  3. Frosty Jim Says:

    Happy New Year. Folks reckon we’re a bit off, but it just takes a bit getting acclimated. You got a great brand here — there might be a line of teas to pursue, or better still, some contraption bigger than a breadbox that keeps clothes on the toasty side.

  4. coldhousejournal Says:

    Eek! Terrible typo… I wrote originally that we had averaged 58.2° so far this winter– no no! We have averaged 52.8°! I just reversed some digits in typing it. Corrected!

    • Frosty Jim Says:

      There was concern that you were going soft, or selling out for a wider audience by approaching an °F more suited for polite conversation.

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