Ideal for Some Things

I really like that I can pull a can of Diet Coke off the bottom self in the kitchen, and (unless we’ve really been running the wood stove) it’s already nicely chilled.  And I really like that the living room at 47F is a perfect temperature for riding on the bike trainer when I get home, without getting drenched in sweat.  But I will confess that even I find it annoying to have to warm up red wine for dinner.

3 Responses to “Ideal for Some Things”

  1. Jane Says:

    Well, remember that wine cellar temperature is ideally around 55 to 57, so don’t warm up that red wine too much. (And you should warm up the white wine a bit, too.)

    I’m not as spartan as you guys are and run my woodstove all winter, but it’s quite small and doesn’t warm up to “normal” indoor temperature of 70 much beyond the room it’s in.

    So my gripe is having to keep my butter and my bread in the stove room, well protected from my butter-loving cats. Wouldn’t mind keeping the olive oil in there, too.

    But otherwise, it is nice having extensive refrigerator space in the cupboards in my old house that has no insulation in the kitchen walls but was built to use the cupboards for insulation.

  2. Frosty Jim Says:

    I take coffee black, but add unsalted butter to it in cold house season, keeping the butter dish on top of the coffee machine.

    Houseplants are a challenge; the peace lily might pull through i
    the refrigerator

    • Frosty Jim Says:

      Should read: if I keep it on top of the refrigerator.

      On the butter thing, I got the idea from Tibetan cuisine. It’s good for belly pangs and as lip balm.

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