Deep Freeze

Yes, it’s really winter.  We’ve been down below 0(F) the past couple nights, with the days not quite getting to double-digit temps.  The house was 41 this morning… needless to say the wood stove is burning a bit more than usual.  Still, it’s considerably warmer here than up in Quebec (where we were a few weeks ago) or central Vermont (where I’m heading tomorrow.)  And it’s much, much warmer here, than, say, this town in Siberia.  Those people are seriously tough.  

Average kitchen temperature for the winter still hovers at about 52.6F.

2 Responses to “Deep Freeze”

  1. bmc Says:

    Have you ever thought of writing a book? It seems like you’re a busy guy, but this entire “Cold House ‘thing'” would make for an interesting mix of the practical (tips on saving heating costs), human interest-y/trivia, and (with the right writer) humor. An example of the latter: the irony of your (or anyone’s) frig not working once it gets too cold in the house, as you recently mentioned.

  2. coldhousejournal Says:

    “Have you ever thought of writing a book? ” Ha– yes, yes I have… though I always envisioned it would be a memoir about circumnavigating the globe through the tropical seas on a sailboat, not about hacking through winters in a furnaceless suburban house while going back and forth to work. That said, the former genre is pretty well tapped out, while the latter has few literary precedents. At least in the modern era. “Walden”, obviously, I can’t compete with. Now that I think about it, I did have an email from a literary agent, a few years back during that period when we were on the national news and famous for a nanosecond. I had sort of put her off. Maybe I should reconsider. But I’m still not sure anyone would read, let alone pay to read, such a book…

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