Just Keepin’ On

Not much news here at the Cold House.  Apart from the blizzard (which I refuse to call “Nemo”) it’s been a fairly average winter, weather-wise.  I’ve settled into a routine of small fires in the eves, none in the morning, the usual.  With the sun inching higher each day it has become worthwhile opening the blinds on the south side of the house in the morning and closing them at night.  A couple times already the house has been a few degrees warmer when I get home from work than it was when I left– a sure sign that winter’s grip has been broken.  The downstairs overall-average temp since October has settled right around 52.0°F (11°C), and it’s unlikely to budge much from there for the rest of the season.

One new activity I’ve been enjoying this winter is riding my bike on a trainer.  I put it in the living room, where I can watch inspirational bike videos on the TV and crank up the music.  At normal indoor temperatures I find riding a trainer unpleasant– I sweat buckets.  But if I come home and the house is, say, 45F, that’s perfect.  Half an hour on the trainer and I feel pleasantly warmed up (more than half an hour, I actually have to aim a fan at myself to keep cool.)  Plus, it heats up the room a little!  Can’t say it’s a significant contribution, but the magnetic friction gizmo does get pretty warm.  I’d guess an hour on the trainer is good for 0.5 kWh or so of heat to the house.

2 Responses to “Just Keepin’ On”

  1. Frosty Jim Says:

    By late winter the body builds resistance, no? I find it easier to go around the house in one pair of socks than the two that were needed a few weeks ago.

    Obviously, it’s best to start them young:


  2. coldhousejournal Says:

    Oh yes, what felt “cold” in October definitely feels “warm” by March. And, great story about the kids! I daresay, around here, if you left your kid outside a coffee shop in a pram in winter, you would quickly have a visit from the Dept. of Human Services, likely have your child at least temporarily taken away, and quite possible would face criminal charges (I don’t think I’m exaggerating.) But, my mom tells me I was often put out to nap on an unheated porch. Explains a lot.

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