Hello, Scotland!

Following a nice mention on the Environment blog of The Guardian a few days ago (thanks!), I was invited this morning to [wake up super early and] chat with Fred MacAulay, host of BBC Scotland’s mid-day radio show.  Apparently there has been a sudden interest in scaled-down home heating in the UK, a result of this photo published by The Telegraph showing the Queen receiving the Australian High Commissioner and his wife, while using a small space heater to warm up the room.  It occurs to me that the Queen may really have been quite comfortable without any heat at all, and only got the electric heater out of the closet for the benefit of her antipodal, “it was a hell of a lot warmer at our house than here” guests.  I know that’s how it works at our house.

Anyway, if you’d like to have a listen, here’s the link.  The segment begins at minute 20:00 with a local environmentalist, then me (halfway awake) about 25:00.  We’re sandwiched between a bit about macaroni and cheese and the actual serious news.  Which seems about appropriate.

And, hello to all seven Scots who found this blog via the radio show!  Come visit any time!

Meanwhile, haven’t had any fire/heat on in here in 48 hours.  A bit of sun, not-so-cold nights, some cooking, and the kitchen is still holding at 50F/10C.

2 Responses to “Hello, Scotland!”

  1. alifesgayventure Says:

    if people are now realising u can have minimal heating in the house and still be comfortable, that would be a good thing. before i tried it i would be really convinced it is not possible to live at 10C indoors. but now that i have actually been doing so in the flat at 10C, i find it is comfortable so much so that i dont even think about the temperature anymore.
    i think it is not the actual temperature that makes a person feel cold or not, it is the wind. it can be minus C and u can be comfortable, in the right clothing, but sit in the cold wind and even if it is 20C, you can still feel frozen.

    could not hear the radio show, as it requires flash to be downloaded and i dont really want to download it. maybe u can provide a written transcript?

  2. Frosty Jim Says:

    When doing searches on cold houses that led to this blog, the most relevant information outside the US came from islands: Great Britain, Japan and Malta.

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