Season Wrap-Up (belated)

Seeing a few new visitors dropping by today reminded me that I never got around to posting a winter’s-over wrap-up for the 2012/13 “heating” season.  Sometimes, you never quite know when it’s over.  This year, the fires dwindled to about one or two a week by mid-March.  Then on March 23 I left for a three week excursion.  J. probably had a few fires while I was gone (we were on an unofficial don’t-ask, don’t-tell policy) but by the time I returned the stove was pretty much shut down.

So, for those as statistic-obsessed as me, here are the numbers crunched from the datalogger under the kitchen counter:

Dates: Nov. 5, 2012 – April 15, 2013

# of temperature data points: 15,423

Minimum temp:  39.0°F

Maximum temp: 68.2°F

Mean temp:  52.3°F

Standard deviation: 5.4°F

Comparing to the previous winter, you can see that this winter’s max temp was 1.1° lower, the min temp was 3° lower, and the overall mean temp was 4.25° lower!  Not sure how we achieved that– if anything, I thought we were getting a little soft this winter… but there it is.

So what now?  Well, it’s finally lovely and warm in Maine, the flowers are busting out, the lawn is green, and you can walk around in shorts (if the bugs aren’t too bad).  But cold weather is always just around the corner here.  At present we still have about a winter’s worth (1.5 cords) of slaughtered Norway maple in the garage, so yet again there will be no need to spend anything on heat next year.  Someday I may put in a small furnace, if only because it will be impossible ever to sell the house without one, but it won’t be this year.

4 Responses to “Season Wrap-Up (belated)”

  1. Patrick Ledwith Says:

    Have you dusted off the datalogger yet? Going to be actively blogging this winter?

    • coldhousejournal Says:

      “Have you dusted off the datalogger yet?”
      I checked it a couple weeks ago– it was ticking away all summer. Need to get it a new battery so it will make it through this winter.

      “Going to be actively blogging this winter?”
      Well… I don’t know. Depends on whether I will be actively cold. There has been an increasing schism between the pro-cold and anti-cold factions here at the house. Just as in Congress, bi-partisan support has been hard to come by lately. So, it may be warmer than the past few years. Or less cold, anyway. There is, after all, still no furnace…

  2. Jane Smith Says:

    Just discovered your blog, while looking for other people’s experiences with unheated homes. I’ll certainly follow your posts if you blog this winter. For the past two years, I’ve been living in a 2-bedroom apartment in Montreal, and have only turned on the heat four times – each time to entertain guests. I still haven’t got the hang of turning it on early enough to keep them from shivering – a full day isn’t enough, it seems. And yet, it feels comfortable to me when I’m properly dressed. Strange how quickly we adapt. (And I’m grateful that my friends still keep trying!)

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