Early Season

It’s been a relatively warm autumn here in New England.  I powered up the datalogger on November 4… here’s the data so far:


Our average indoor temp so far has been 58.9°.  That will probably be inching down soon. This winter will be a little different than last, though.  For one thing, J., who was commuting home for weekends last year, is now working closer to home so no longer away weeknights.  On the other hand, my work life has gotten busier, so I’m home less than I used to be.  Still, the setup is pretty much the same:  Small wood stove.  No furnace.  No thermostat.  Maine.

For this winter, we’re still burning the bounty produced from treemageddon, sending Norway maples back to meet their maker.  Depending on frugality, we may even have a bit left over for next year– I’m eyeballing about 1.5 cords out in the garage.  For sure, though, next winter we will have to buy more wood.  I’m kind of excited about having that garage space back (future wood will be going in the cellar.)


Also, the wood is burning really well.  A year of careful “field seasoning” plus a year indoors has dried it out to a perfection.  You don’t get this kind of “artisanal” wood unless you make it yourself.  




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