Cold(ish) Bedrooms

In the Times yesterday, this article suggesting that sleeping in a cooler bedroom promotes brown fat formation and improves insulin sensitivity.  Nice!  Though I wish they had tried a temperature lower than 66F.  We are routinely well below 56F in the winter…

Anyway, interesting to see some experimental data to support the theory that central heating causes obesity : )

Not much going on here at the Cold House.  It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy.  Except the endless lawn-mowing.  That is a pain.

2 Responses to “Cold(ish) Bedrooms”

  1. violinscratches Says:

    Hello! So we live in Northern MN and we’re toying with the idea of keeping our thermostat at 55°F this winter. But since our pipes are in the basement, which is colder than our upstairs, is there a chance they will freeze? When should this become a concern?

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