Heat delayed

Bowdoin College (a bit north of here in Brunswick, Maine) apparently has not yet turned their heat on (though they plan to next week).  According to their student newspaper, the college saves $8,000 for every day they delay turning on the heat.  That would pay for about 16 years of heat at my house!  Anyway, I applaud their efforts to delay.  Though waiting a few more weeks would be more impressive.

Here, no fire yet.  But I’ve split three boxes of kindling, and cleared space in the basement for the two cords of wood I’m hoping will show up in the next few weeks.

4 Responses to “Heat delayed”

  1. jane stein Says:

    Structures hold heat and cold, and the more substantial the structure, the more heat/cold they hold and the longer it takes to warm them up/cool them down.

    I assume the people in charge of heating the physical plant at Bowdoin have done ther calculations on this, but IMO they’d likely do better to set their indoor temperature to a few degrees cooler for the entire winter than to delay revving up the heating system.

  2. Kathy Myers Says:

    Im in Pennsylvania. My former place of work was a superstore. Store hours still are 9 to 9. The heat and the lights come on at 9 am. It takes one and a half hours to get warmed. We began work at 6 am under dimmed lighting and no heat. We would wear 2 and 3 layers of clothing. We finally broke down and told the boss not to have us work the back wall or near it until 11 am. You could actually feel gusts of wind coming through the walls and the cold permeating up your legs from the ground. I would come home and wrap my feet with a heating pad and cover with a warm blanket. People do what they gotta do.

  3. Keith Schroeder Says:

    I haven’t turned the heat on at home either. At my office (I own an accounting firm) the heat has also remained off. The heat from the equipment and lights have been more than enough. Considering the forecast here, the office should remain heating-free for several more weeks. As for my home, it may reach toward Thanksgiving the way the temps are going before the heat goes on. As a reference, I live in NE Wisconsin.

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