When is it “okay” to turn the heat on?

Friend Nathan forwarded this piece from Yankee Magazine, discussing New Englanders’ tendency to pick a certain date on which is feels “okay” to turn on the heat.

Of course, the short answer is that it’s never really okay to turn on the heat, the same way it’s really not okay to be doing most of what we do to the planet.  Also, I’ve noticed that many people (even New Englanders) don’t even know they have control over this.  It’s surprising how often, in late September or so, you hear people announce “The heat came on last night!”, the same way you’d say, “I saw a flock of geese heading south this morning!”  I guess some people just leave their thermostat at some set temperature year round, and that decides when heating season ends and starts.

Our heating season may end very early indeed, if the supplier who promised us firewood doesn’t come through.  In July they promised us two cords of kiln-dried in early October.  When we called in early October, they said it was going to be a bit yet, plan on early November.  When J. called yesterday, just to check in, their voicemail box was full, and they haven’t yet responded to an email… This seems like a Bad Sign…

3 Responses to “When is it “okay” to turn the heat on?”

  1. Kathy Myers Says:

    During the fall and spring seasons in Pennsylvania, the furnace will get turned on in the morning to take the chill out of the house. That same afternoon the doors and windowss will open to let in some sunshine and fresh air.

  2. icerabbit Says:

    For us it seems to be mid October. I think of heating season as Oct 15 to April 15.

    I either have the thermostat off or set minimally low, until we decide it needs to be on. It takes a long time for the system to heat up from a cold start, so if you only need a boost in the morning, and the daytime temps & solar gain will carry you through the evening and night; maybe a fire in the wood stove at night. So just a little space heater in the bath room to get ready in the am and out the door you go. 🙂

  3. icerabbit Says:

    Forgot to ask:
    Did you get the needed firewood?
    Or still waiting/looking?

    I actually have been thinking of CHJ in the past couple weeks as I’ve been burning some Norway Maple (and couple end of life trees) I took down earlier this year. Re: Treemageddon 😉

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