The chill is in

It is a refreshing 52.4º  (11.4ºC) in the house this morning– the first time this season it has dipped below 55, I think.  Feels great!  The sun is out so it will warm up soon…

One Response to “The chill is in”

  1. Jane Stein Says:

    Some more serious and sustained cold coming up around the end of the week. Has your firewood supplier come through?

    The cats and I are basking happily in front of the stove. After last year’s misery of running out of fuel in early spring, I’m being extremely cautious about fuel use, but when the main room with the stove gets down to around 60, meaning the adjoining kitchen, office, etc., are approaching your 55, that’s as much as i can take and i light ‘er up.

    I’ve mostly only been using the stove in the evenings so far, and occasionally overnight, but I can see that’s going to change with this oncoming cold spell.

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