Early scorecard

I was a little late (Dec. 7) in firing up the datalogger this year, but we now have a couple weeks of temperature data to report.  As you’ll recall, the datalogger is located on the kitchen counter, which is probably the warmest place in the house, on average, excepting the few square feet around the wood stove.

So far this season, the maximum temp is 65.2º, the minimum is 43.3º, and the average is 54.5º.  The standard deviation is 4.3º, so we can assume that the house is spending at least 2/3 of its time below 60º.


In other news, the firewood-seeking saga continues.  I am tempted to Name n’ Shame the people who are, currently, two months overdue for delivering to us– but as J. has decided to give them one last chance I will withhold that unless / until they fail to come through.  The backup plan, at this point, is industrial compressed hardwood sawdust blocks.  Which are not at all aesthetically pleasing, or especially inexpensive, but do stack nicely.

3 Responses to “Early scorecard”

  1. icerabbit Says:

    Sorry to hear you don’t have firewood yet for winter.

    Our supplier was out of wood all summer because of the wet weather and increased demand. When I called, delivery was 1-2 months vs regular 1-2 wks.

    I do know someone with kiln dried, via a neighbor, but I fear that the delivery cost from the capital area to CHJ would be prohibitive vs going with the compressed blocks, which I never tried. How well do they light, work, heat?

    And, if not kiln dried, you’d need to source someone who has their wood under cover, with all the snow, sleet and rain we’ve had. Our regular guy is open air, and I can’t imagine fresh split wood with the wet summer, fall and winter doing much good.

  2. sbdyer Says:

    I have about a cord of log length green wood free for the taking, if you are interested. Located in Yarmouth. Would be glad to see it gone!

    • coldhousejournal Says:

      Oh, thanks, that’s very kind… but unfortunately green wood won’t be of much use to us at the moment, and (much as I’ve enjoyed it in the past) we’re trying to get away from drying our own. Just no really good space on our property to put it… But thanks anyway!

      We ARE, in theory, supposed to get our delivery of kiln-dried TOMORROW. I will believe it when I see it. And I will believe it is actually kiln-dried after I check a few pieces with my moisture meter…

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