Annual update

Another winter more or less survived here at the Cold House.  I don’t have any indoor-temp data to share this year, because the antique datalogger has sunk out of compatibility with the latest OS.X update and can’t be read out anymore.  Safe to say the house has been colder than most, still, but warmer than it used to be.

This winter we burned about 1.2 cords of wood, and 141 ccf of natural gas.  That works out to about 2/3 of the heat from wood, 1/3 from gas.  In dollar-value it was closer to 50/50.  The total cost for the winter was about $600.  When I hear of people spending multiple thousands of dollars for heat for the winter, I am still amazed and feel bad for them.

In other home-energy news, the solar panels continue churning out the juice.  Somewhere back when I wasn’t paying attention they hit the 10 megawatt hour mark.  On net, they produced about 88% of our electric use for the past year.  Basically we wind up running out of “credit” around February and have to pay for maybe a month of electricity before starting to run a surplus again all summer.  Unfortunately our climate-change-denying Governor is determined to end net-metering here… so waiting to see where that goes.

There are still some bits of snow on the ground in the neighborhood but it’s warm and sunny out, so I’ve got to get to yard work.  Enjoy the spring!


2 Responses to “Annual update”

  1. Pambos Papas Says:

    Wonderful words. Keep sharing!!!

  2. kluthage421 Says:

    Love this blog! I feel like I could have written it! I live in Northern Wisconsin and have adapted to a colder inside temp. It is 18F outside today. Right now it is 46F inside as I lay in bed and I may not make a fire today in an effort to save wood for the true Winter. Last Winter it reached -27F. I do have a propane furnace, but it’s nothing like radiant heat. I work in the garage a lot so I’ll leave the thermostat low then give it a blast to 60 when I settle down for the day. This will last me until bedtime where I sleep under a down comforter which is plenty warm. I live alone with my dog so no other parties to argue about the temperature with. I’ll be reading all your posts! Stay warm 🙂

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