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Yet More Google Queries

December 1, 2010

Here are some of the latest inquiries that landed people on this blog, and my efforts to address their questions.

1)  Is it harder to heat cold house?

Actually it is easier to heat a cold house.  The colder it is, the less work to keep the temperature steady.  When the house is as cold as outside, it’s especially easy to keep it there.

2)  Is it safe to live in a very cold house?

Yes.  It is safer than a warm house, in fact, because it will not attract stray tigers, black mambas, and other dangerous, escaped tropical animals seeking a warm place of refuge.

3)  Is having a cold house good?

It is not only good– it is the best.

4)  How to keep a cold house warm

Perplexing.  Bordering on a philosophical question.  I am not qualified to answer, sorry.

5)  Does cold weather lower water pressure?

Ohhhh, my friend– I fear your pipes have frozen.  I hope you’ve figured this out by now. (more…)

More Google Queries

November 9, 2010

A few Google queries which, it seems, landed people on this blog today:

Query:  “is 1.2 cord enough firewood”

Comment:  Oh, most possibly so!  If you live in a 400 sq ft house, it probably will be.  If you have hyper-insulated two-foot-thick walls and passive solar, it probably will be.  If you are only using wood as “ambience” heat to supplement fossil fuels, it probably will be.  And it just might be if you live with a house so chilly that most of your friends think you’re a little strange.  1.2 cords is about what I’m projecting we’ll use for the 12 months ending at Christmas… but maybe less?

Queries: “unhealthy cold house”, “bad health to have a cold house”, “cold house sick”, “respitory [sic] infections from cold house”

Comment:  Whoa whoa whoa.  Sure, a cold house can be unhealthy– if it’s saturated with radon, or asbestos, or rabies. But seriously, I’d be interested to hear any real evidence that a cold house is less healthy than a hot house for otherwise-healthy adults.  Hey, did you know that bed bugs’ reproduction, development, and feeding is hindered by cooler temperatures?  So much so that the state of Connecticut, in an official paper on how to counter the current bed bug plague, advises residents to “Keep bedrooms cool (if possible) at night to slow down bug activity.”  How about that!  (And one must ask– why not keep the bedrooms cool during the day, too??)

Query:  “humidity in bathroom doesn’t move”

Answer:  Uh… where where you hoping it would move to?  Akron?  Time for my annual plug for using a dehumidifier, rather than bathroom fan vent, in the winter.

Google Answers

October 19, 2010

I routinely review the search-engine phrases which land people at this blog, and plan to begin trying to answer the questions posed as best I can.

Today someone came here after querying, “Is it safe to live in a very cold house?”

A:  For godsake, no, it is not!  You can perish at any moment in a very cold or even moderately cold house, exactly as you can in a moderately warm or very warm house.  The general sources of danger which exist in the world– including medical catastrophes, hazardous pets*, and jet-engines falling from the sky into your home, exist as much in cold houses as in warm.  Thus, I suggest that if you choose to live in a cold house, you should not let your guard down.  [*Exception: the danger of being bitten by a tropical poisonous snake, whether wild or kept as a pet, may be lower in a colder house.]