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Gradual Decline

December 14, 2010

You might be interested in this graph of our average weekly house temps since late October (seven weeks of data).

This gives a wider-angle view of what we’ve experienced here: a steadily colder house.  You could assume that it’s getting colder inside simply because it’s getting colder outside, and there is some truth to that.  But even in the first of these weeks we did have some fire heat, indicating that we (or at least one of us) felt chilly enough to want it.  Also, as you know, we don’t have a thermostat, so we didn’t make a conscious decision to taper our average temps down like this– it just happened that way, a result of how many times we lit the wood stove each week, and how many logs we threw on the fire.

So how is it that we “needed” heat when we averaged over 60º, if we are now just about equally comfortable below 53º?  I can only surmise, yet again, that we really do adapt.  A miracle happens, and lower temps no longer feel lower.  I believe there are psychological, behavioral, and physiologic components to this, but the exact phenomena are up for debate.  I can tell you with certainty, though, that the largest obstacle to adapting to a new set-point is refusing to start.  It’s not too late: start turning your thermostat down 1ºF every two weeks, and see if by spring you, too, aren’t handily living at 8º cooler than you are now.

Weekly Graph

December 4, 2010

Here’s what the past week looked like.  Average temp = 54.9ºF (13ºC).  Also, I haven’t mentioned that the data logger spits out a standard deviation reading (this week, 3.6º).  So, at least in theory, we’ve spent 98% of the week below 62.1º, and 84% of the time below 58.5º.  And, really, I haven’t felt cold.  Except when I had to drive my scooter home in the snow last night. That was a little chilly.  I think scooter season is over.